Starting an Effective Outreach Ministry!

     Before you start your outreach ministry there are 2 question you need to answer. 

1)  How did Jesus reach out when he was on earth? 
2)  How would he reach out today?

     Today's churches have minimized church outreach to single events throughout the year.  Most church's spend alot of money on outreach events with minimal impact.  In order to have an effective outreach ministry I believe we have to use the example Christ gives us in the scriptures.  Because he was out in the communities in Israel people, were touched and lives were changed forever!  Because of what he did in those communities people were drawn to him!  I believe the same holds true today!  I believe there has to be a constant, Book of Acts type push in our communities!  I believe one of the most effective way to impact your community is through a door to door outreach.  I'm not saying you have to stand on their doorstep and preach to them.  What I am saying is a simple door hanger with a message of God's love is a way for the Holy Spirit to speak to them.  Also, a mailing campaign to friends, family and your community.  Outreach events can also be added throughout the year as an added way to reach out.  With your church reaching out in multiple ways this will allow you to impact your community consistently and effectively.  Before you start, pray and ask God to guide you in the direction you should go.  Outreach can only be effective if the Holy Spirit is in control of it! 

Step One:  Make a decision on what outreach idea or ideas you are going to use.
          -start off with one idea or maybe 2 at most. (ex. door to door and send postcards)

Step Two:  Determine the cost to execute the ideas you are going to use.
          -The more an outreach idea cost does not determine the success

Step Three:  Present your ideas to your Pastor.
          -Nothing should be done outside the approval of the Pastor!

Step Four:  Ask the Pastor for permission to present your church with the ideas for your outreach ministry.
          -This may be a way to gain more commitment from the congregation

Step Five:  Gain commitment from some people in your church to help and begin reaching out!

The most important thing is to start!  You can plan and plan, talk and talk but the quickest way to see souls saved is to just start!  Stop waiting on the right idea or event!  What is holding you back from going into your community and hanging some door hangers?  Get a map, make some door hangers, set a time on a Saturday, get some people from your church and turn your town upside down!!!!!!!  Be consistent!  Go EVERY Saturday for an hour or 2!  We reached every home in our town of 9,000 homes and are doing it again!  And we will do it again and again!  People need reached!  Souls need saved!  Time is running out!  You don't have to beat them over the head with the Bible just tell them God loves them and invite them to church.  There are FREE templates on this site for door hangers, postcards etc.  I will help you in any way I can!  Contact me at  

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